Sphero Club

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Everyone knows that understanding new technology and how to use it is an incredibly useful skill in today's digital world. Being able to program, of course, is a particularly useful ability! As a bit of a tech geek himself, Mr. Baker is always interested in integrating new technology into our Youth Services clubs. There's no reason that learning these things can't be really, really fun, too! That's why we're borrowing the amazing 'Sphero Kit' from the South Central Library System to host our Sphero Club! 

Have you ever seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  Did you see the little droid, BB-8, and think to yourself "It would be so cool to play with one of my own!". Well, Sphero is really similar! Check out the videos below to get a better idea. We'll be getting seven Spheros and seven Kindle Fires to program them with!

Note: Registration required - *Sphero Club is filled up for this semester*. For ages 7-12 only. There is a waitlist of 10 which you can be added to as long as there are spots available. In the event that a participant drops out, we will call you!

Community Room @ the Spring Green Community Library
Chris Baker (Youth Services Librarian): 608-588-2276