Meeting Room Policy

If you are interested in using the meeting room, please read the policy and complete the application form (pdf).


The meeting room in the Spring Green Community Library is primarily for the use in the Library’s own programs. When it is not needed for activities related to the Library, they will be available for the use by local community groups, subject to the policies established by the Library Board.

The meeting room may be used for programs sponsored by governmental units, non-profit educational and cultural agencies, community service agencies and other responsible organizations.

Meetings shall be open to all members of the public, and admission fees shall not be charged. Possible exceptions to this rule may be made for a program or educational course that requires a registration fee or tuition; particularly if the Library itself is sponsor or co-sponsor of such an event. All room scheduling that involves admission charge or tuition shall be subject to Board approval.

Whenever an outside group requests any special arrangements, such as the services of a staff member to operate Library equipment, the Director is authorized to add whatever charges are needed to cover their costs.


Outside groups who are using the Library Meeting Room may serve very light refreshments when their plan to do so has been approved by the Library. The staff kitchen will be available for preparing coffee, tea, or other non-alcoholic beverages, and the kitchen counters may be used for serving of light refreshments that have been prepared elsewhere. Each group will provide its own kitchen and serving utensils and will, of course, leave the kitchen and room clean after using it.

Granting permission for the use of the Spring Green Community Library does not imply endorsement by the Spring Green Community Library or its Board of the users or the users' beliefs.

Though every effort will be made to safeguard materials, the Spring Green Community Library System is not responsible for loss or damage to items while on display at the Library or personal property of those attending meetings.

No smoking will be allowed at any area in or near the Library.

A group composed of minors (less than eighteen years of age) must have an adult chaperone attend the meeting.  This person must also sign the meeting room application form.

Bookings for the meeting room for any single group may be limited to only one time per month.  Additional books may be allowed under the condition that (if needed) the group may be bumped to allow another group to use the room.  One week’s notice will be given to the original group in this case.  This will allow more access to a larger number of groups/individuals that want to use the room.  The Library’s programs or periodic cleanings will always take precedent over any bookings.

Failure to observe these regulations will result in the loss of meeting room privileges.

The Spring Green Community Library Board will hold the final word as far as who will or will not use the meeting room at the Library.

Revised: 11-8-11, 10-13-09 by the Library Board