'Meet the Artist': Edward Hicks

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REGISTER NOW! Come join Pat Scofield as we explore a few of the most incredible American artists! First, 'Meet the Artist' by learning about their work and what made their talents so unique. Then put that knowledge into action by creating art yourself!

Note: For ages 7-12 only. Registration is required . Limited to 15 participants for each session. All supplies will be provided! Just show up, be creative, and have fun!

March 22nd - Edward Hicks: Quaker beliefs prohibited a lavish life or having excessive quantities of objects or materials. Unable to maintain his work as a preacher and painter at the same time, Hicks transitioned into a life of painting, and he used his canvases to convey his beliefs. He was unconfined by rules of his congregation, and able to freely express what religion could not: the human conception of faith. Although it is not considered a religious image, Hicks' Peaceable Kingdom exemplifies Quaker ideals. Hicks painted 62 versions of this composition.

~  The animals and children are taken from Isaiah 11:6–8 (also echoed in Isaiah 65:25), including the lion eating straw with the ox. Hicks used his paintings as a way to define his central interest, which was the quest for a redeemed soul. This theme was also from one of his theological beliefs.

Community Room @ the Spring Green Community Library
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