Teens & Young Adults

Teen Programs and Volunteering at the Library - Fall

When it comes to teens, we really do want to do things that you are interested in! We're trying to get more teens involved at the library, so if you have any ideas about how we can make our events more fun, relevant, or accessible... come chat with Chris! For real. We are really interested in doing what you find fun. Get involved with our planning and programming so you can help us design a library experience suited for your tastes! Chris is a HUGE fan of video games and nerd media, so if you have any ideas for teen clubs, e-mail or call!


Come hang out at the library and watch some awesome sports anime! Celebrate what you love: manga, anime, and geek culture! Additionally, there will be some Asian snacks to chow and some awesome anime/manga accessories to check out! We highly encourage Cosplaying, so break out your favorite character costume! It's a very casual evening where we hope to get teens together to share interests and meet new friends! All that we're showing is rated PG-13, so parental discretion is advised. Check the calendar for fall dates!

‣ Teen Volunteer Opportunities (Ages 12-17)

Do you have some free time after school or need community volunteer hours? Would you like to try something enjoyable and new? Then the Library Youth Volunteer Program might be right for you! We are currently looking for outgoing, ambitious teen volunteers who are interested in serving their community! Work with Maddie and Heather to assist with various duties around the library or help out with our programs for younger children!

Hopefully these opportunities will allow you to gain some experience to put on a resume, or possibly even get a letter of recommendation! We really do rely on your assistance, so please make sure that you can honor your volunteering schedule before signing up!

1.) Ask one of our librarians for a Teen Volunteer Application, or print your own!

2.) Make sure you fill it out and get proper parental permission.

3.) Turn it in to Chris! 

4.) Once a schedule is established, come and have fun! 

Contact our Youth Services department with any further questions about teen programs or volunteering:

Carrie Portz - Director