Movie Night: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fri, Jul 19 - 5:00pm
Trippy cosmic joyride with an earthling (Martin Freeman) and an alien (Mos Def). Adapted from the Douglas Adams sci-fi tales. Join us at the library for this far-... more

Egg-stronaut Drop

Wed, Jul 24 - 3:00pm
Ever wanted to see just how far an egg could fall before it goes splat? Think YOU have the best design to protect your egg-stronaut from breaking up on re-entry?... more

Zoozort Live Animal Program!

Wed, Jul 31 - 2:00pm
Join licensed animal educator Noelle Tarrant of Zoozort for a hands-on interactive program featuring live exotic animals from around the world. Spark an interest... more

Summer Reading Program Closing Party

Thu, Aug 1 - 3:00pm
It's not a party until the custard comes out! Drop by the library for custard, games, A/C and fun as we celebrate the final week of the summer reading program and... more
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