Checking Out Books

Can I borrow items from the Spring Green Library even if I don't have a Spring Green card and/or don't live in Spring Green?

Yes. As long as you are a resident of a South Central Library System (includes Adams, Columbia, Dane, Green, Portage, Sauk, and Wood counties) and you have a card at your local library and it has a barcode on it, you can use it at the Spring Green Library.

If you are a resident of the South Central Library System (SCLS) and you don't have a card then you can apply at the Spring Green Library or at your local library. Just follow the instructions for a card application in the Library Cards link. If your SCLS card does not have a barcode on it, one will need to be attached before the card can be used at the Spring Green Library. We will just need to see your library card, photo ID, and identification with your current address on it.

Upon presentation of the above the Spring Green Library will enter you into the system and attach a barcode number to your card and you will be able to borrow materials from us.

What if I left my card at home, can I still check out items?

You may still check out materials if you have either your driver's license with you or a photo identification.

How long can I keep the material and what are the over-due charges?

Material Type Loan Period Fine Per Day
Books on Cassette/CD/Playaway 28 days $0.10
Adult Fiction Books 28 days $0.10
Adult Non-Fiction Books 28 days $0.10
Adult Magazines 14 days $0.10
DVD/Videos-Feature 7 days $1.00
DVD Non-feature 7 days $1.00
Video Non-feature 28 days $1.00
Adult CDs 14 days $0.10
Popular Books/Bestsellers 14 days $0.25
Adult Software 14 days $0.10
Holiday Books 14 days $0.05
E-Book Reader 14 days $5.00
Adaptive Toy Kits 14 days $1.00
Juvenile CDs 14 days $0.05
Juvenile Magazine 14 days $0.05
Kits (Energy Watt Meter) 14 days $1.00
Juvenile Software 14 days $0.05
Juvenile Fiction 28 days $0.05
Juvenile Non-Fiction 28 days $0.05

Most of the materials can be renewed two time unless there are other requests for them. At the end of the third loan period the item should be returned to allow other people a chance to borrow them. Fines are based on the material, not on the type of card used for checking out. There is no grace period, the fines start assessing the day after the item is due. Money collected goes towards a good cause.

How many items can I check out at one time?

Each patron can have a maximum of 100 items that can be checked out, on their card, at one time. We do limit you on some of our items. The items we limit on are Playaways, only two at a time, DVDS and Videos, only allowed a total of ten to be checked out at one time, matched or mixed.

How can I find an item that I would like to borrow?

We don't have a card catalog anymore, it is all on the computer now. All you have to do is go to and start your search. If you are having a problem with it, feel free to stop by the library and ask for our help or just call us at 608-588-2276 during our library hours and we will be happy to help you find your item.

What if I can't find the item that I am looking for?

If you can not find the item then you can come into the library and fill out an Outerlibrary Loan request form only if the item is older than nine months. Outerlibrary Loan is a way that we can go outside of our system and request the item from libraries in the region, around the state, and nationwide. You may request books, items on microfilm, newspaper, and magazine articles, and materials in many audiovisual formats. We can't get items that were published in the last nine months, best sellers, rare and fragile material, reference items, and some genealogical materials. It can take up to 2-6 weeks depending on the location, its availability at the lending library and the lending library's response time. When the item comes in, one of the staff members will contact you. Patrons will be notified if we cannot obtain the item. The loan period for all OLL materials is determined by the lending library, generally from one to two weeks. Some items may be restricted to "Library use only" by the lending library and may not be checked out for use at home.

Anyone who has a valid SCLS public library card may use this service through your local library. There is no charge to the customer for loan services; however, you are responsible for overdue charges incurred and for any charges incurred for lost or damaged items.