Pokemon Go Village "Crawl"

The Spring Green Community Library will be hosting a “Village Crawl” while playing Pokemon Go. We will be buying “Lures” (items that attract more Pokemon) and attaching them to particular Pokestops around the downtown Spring Green area. The event begins in the Spring Green Library Community Room, where kids and teens are encouraged to wear their Pokemon Go team colors, collect their team “badge”, and learn about the basic guidelines of safely participating. We encourage participants to wear sunscreen, and bring a water bottle and umbrella. The places we plan to visit are: Christ Lutheran Church,  St. John's Church, the Cornerstone Church, the American Legion, the Post Office, the Red building on Lexington St. (near the railroad tracks, next to the old Bargain Nook, across from The Peoples Community Bank), and Nina's Department and Variety Store. We will be spending 5-10 minutes at each location before moving on to the next. We will not be entering any location, rather just safely spending time outside. We will end back at the Spring Green library where kids can use their newly captured Pokemon to “battle” at our Pokemon Gym! All locations (and the Spring Green Police) have been contacted and are aware of our event. For ages 8 and up only. Any children ages 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Any unaccompanied teens from ages 12-17 must hand in this signed permission slip on the day of the event. Permission slip can be downloaded online (on the Youth Services page), or found at the library near the copy machine.

Community Room/Walk Around Spring Green
Chris Baker