Summer Reading Program 2024


Welcome to the 2024 Summer Reading Program! 

Spring Green Community Library presents this year's Summer Reading Program: "Adventure Begins at Your Library"

We are going to be busy this summer! If you have not yet picked up a paper copy of our Summer Reading Calendar, you can pick one up at the Library now or download it from here. Join us for Monday Morning Mysteries, Wednesday Wizardry, Storytimes, and so much more! In addition to the weekly fun, we have some additional programming we are excited about: we are hosting ZooZorts, Duke Otherwise, and Cecilia Farran - to name a few.   

In addition to the wonderful programming, we also have the reading part of Summer Reading Program. And we have a program for all ages! You can sign up now, but tracking your reading does not start until June 10. On or after June 10th, stop by the Library to pick up your tracking form or scroll down to download one. 

To get started , fill out the following form:

See below for more information about how to track your reading. For 2024, all ages will be tracking minutes read as we want to see how much time the participants can accumulate over the summer! 


Once you have read at least 30 minutes by yourself or with someone, you can start filling out the tracking form. For every hour of reading, you earn a library dollar, which can be used to buy things at our Library Store. 

Tracker 1 

Tracker 2



It is a "Choose your own Adventure" Summer Reading Program! You can participate in either the Children or Adult reading program. Or do one for a bit then switch to the other! You pick!  



We will also be tracking minutes read. Every hour read earns a ticket for the chance to win a prize in a monthly drawing. All tickets earned will also count for the chance to win the grand prize at the end of the program.   

Adult Tracker