Summer Reading Program 2023: All Together Now

Our "All Together Now" Summer Reading Program runs through August 12! This year's program includes weekly outdoor story times at the Library, held Wednesdays and some Saturdays at 10:30 AM; a Community Read Along of the book Wildwood by Colin Meloy; Summer Movies on most Tuesdays at 1pm; a Hula Hooper on July 26th at 3:30p; Teen Times throughout the summer; and a community art project: "Together We Make Art!". 

Children: We are also offering fantastic reading prizes, and tracking your reading is easy! Read ANYTHING by yourself or with someone else, then complete the short form or let us know at the library. Every hour of reading equals a ticket for the chance to win a prize. We will draw for prizes every other Monday. 

Teens: It is a "Choose your own Adventure" Summer Reading Program! You can participate in either the Children or Adult reading program. Or do one for a bit then switch to the other! You pick!  

Adults: This summer, we will be doing an Alphabet Reading Challenge. Using this sheet you can find here or pick one up at the library, read a book, magazine, newspaper, audiobook, etc. that starts with each letter or you can use the author's first or last name. So if you read: Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano, you could use this book for either 'H,' 'A,' or 'N.'  No repeating items to double or triple up. Every five letters completed equals a ticket for a chance to win a prize. Adult drawings will be every month. 

We hope you all have fun with the reading program this summer! The more you read, the better the chance to win a prize, but really the more fun you will have!