10 Questions (and answers!) to ask the librarian

10 Questions to ask the librarian (from Practical Homeschooling Magazine, September/October 2018)

1) Do any homeschool groups meet here? 
No, not yet anyway. If you are interested in using our community room, please click here for the borrowing policy. For a list of area homeschool groups, please check out our homeschool resources page.

2) Do you have any homeschool handouts?
No, but we do have lots of online resources and contact information for you on our homeschool resources page

3) Do you sponsor any homeschool events?
No, but if that is something that patrons are interested in we'd be happy to support you! For a list of area homeschool groups who may have sponsored events, please check out our homeschool resources page.

4) Do you have a curriculum lending library, or samples I can preview?
We are happy to have our South Central Library System's libraries send in for you any materials we have. We may also be able to Outerlibrary Loan materials depending on availability.

5) Do you have a Maker lab, or know where I can find one?
There are currently no Maker lab materials available for check out. Online there are a plethora of low-cost Maker lab ideas. Also, there are several area homeschool groups do have combined classes/coursework that may be of interest.

6) Do you offer classes for children on how to use the Internet safely?
Please check the calendar for updates!

7) Or classes on library skills?
All of our amazing staff are happy to help you with any library skills questions you may have at any time. For an appointment for one-on-one library skills help, please feel free to contact gmoran [at] springgreenlibrary.org (Grace )or lthomas [at] springgreenlibrary.org (subject: Homeschool%20Request) (Lisa )or call 608-588-2276. 

8) Can you arrange a daytime visit for my group at the library?
Of course! Please contact lthomas [at] springgreenlibrary.org (subject: Homeschool%20Request) (Lisa )regarding group visits. We also have story times on  Wednesday mornings. After school offerings for older students are available throughout the year. Please check the calendar for the most up-to-date information.

9) Are you looking for youth or adult volunteers?
YES! Please check out our volunteer page for more information including job descriptions and an application.

10) Do you have resources available for unit studies / research projects / themed units?
YES! Please contact us for any resource-related questions. We are happy to find materials appropriate for your topic and reading level. For a list of online databases, please click here.